Monday, December 05, 2011

Fun With the Walking Dead!

More... Brains....

I'm finally getting around to blogging about this event.  Which is surprising since it was one of the more fun events of the year to attend.  The Dallas Zombie Walk is definitely an interesting place to be if you enjoy people watching, or in my case, people photography.  All of the zombies and zombie hunters love getting their photo taken.  There are interesting costumes everywhere you look, which makes for great photos.  Access to the event is free, I just had to park a couple blocks away and walk in.  There was live music as well and the Dallas Derby Devils roller derby league put on a small demonstration on the street for all to see.  The event was basically a 2 block street party with bloodied people walking around, most staying in-character.  By the end of the day I came home with some really fun and interesting photo's of the walking dead.  I ran into a lot of friends while down there shooting and had an over all great time.   I'm already looking forward to next years Zombie Walk!

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