Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Serving it up!

As a side learning project and partly as a computing convenience, ive set up a public FTP server. I will explain to all those unfamiliar with that term. It stands for File Transfer Protocal. Basically, I set up this FTP server and load it with files of any type. Ive chosen files that were difficult to come across on the internet, things sent to me that were funny and files I know certain friends would be interested in getting their digital hands on. The only hang up before was the files are too big to email. Some are as large as 250MB. But now, all they have to do is download an FTP client for free. One such as WS_FTP_LE is an excellent one. Once the client is started up, just enter "" as the address, put in a username and password (supplied by me) and any file is there for the choosing! Also on the same note, if you have a hilarious video or such that you've recieved thru an email, contact me and I will give you a different username and password to upload your file to my server for all to view. If you didn't know, my email is Try it out!!

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