Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Weekend in Review

So im back at work, thinking about my past 3 days of weekend and vacation. I really did'nt do that much, just relaxed. So i'll just hit the highlights. I had originally planned to hit the lake on the jetski, but rain storms blew in from the Gulf so that kinda killed that idea. Saturday, Valerie and I went to a cook out at her parents house. Bugers..... mmmmmmmm. That night we decided to rent the movie "Jeepers Creepers" in preperation to go see the second one which was just released in theaters. Well finding the movie to rent turned out to be a task. An hour and 5 video stores later, we were back at my place with what must have been the last copy of the movie available in the city! After watching it, id have to say thats one of the scarier movies ive seen in a while! Im looking forward to part 2 in theaters now! Sunday night, i had a soccer game. We won! But... you always win when the other team is a no show. So we actually had a practice since everyone from my team was there. After the game, it was home to clean up and out to meet up with my buddy Craig. We had planned to meet at the Star Bucks on lower Greenville. But by the time we got there it was closed, so we instead met up at Cafe Brazil. It had been a while since i had been to Cafe Brazil and I had forgotten what an interesting group of people you can see in there. For example: It was Sunday, by which I was quickly reminded that meant it was "The Church - Goth night" at the Lizard Lounge, a local club. So there is one thing I often wonder about "goth people". That is, they may feel cool and stylish when in the dark clubs with the haze of smoke in the air and the pounding beat from the speakers in the ears. But once out of the club and sitting in a very bright, crowded restaraunt.... do they feel rediculous? I only ask this because of the guy at the table next to us. I will describe him the best i can. He's wearing tight black pants, a fish net shirt, with dog collar around his neck. The only real problem was, one should not wear a fish net shirt if your gut hangs out from it and over your belt line on all sides! Sorry lonely goth child and vampire boy of the night.... you just look hilarious, not mysterious. Anywho, on with the weekend. Monday finally comes along and its a holiday off work. So its up to my parents house with Valerie for another cookout. Burgers.... mmmmmmmm. haha My brother Courts brings the movie "House of a 1000 Corpses" by Rob Zombie to watch. We only got about half way thru it before I had to leave. But it looked pretty good, so I may have to rent it to watch the rest. After I returned from "the boro", I decided to fire up Madden 2004 and give their online Match Up service a try. When you buy the game they include a card for a free trial period of online gaming. So I go thru the setup process and 15 minutes later im linked up with a guy from who knows where. He's using the Philidelphia Eagles and of course Im using my Chicago Bears, but instead I choose to run the 46 Defense play book. (Those who do not remember, the 46 Defense was the 8 man front, pressure defense used by the World Champion 1986 Chicago Bears.) So, halfway thru the games its working like a charm. The game play is smooth, the interface easy to use, there is no lag and Im up 7-0 after 3 intereceptions and a touchdown pass. Then on my own 35 yard line, I throw and interception and he returns it for a touch down. Dang it! We battle it out and in the last minutes its still tied 7-7. I have the ball and im driving down the field. Then, I go to call a time out and after i call it the game stops, disconnects from the EA server and tells me there was a syncronization error. WHAT??!! Oh well, note to self... use caution when calling time outs. But overall it was a lot of fun and Im sure i'll be playing more online with this game!

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