Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ah Yes... Da Bars

Or, Da Bears as most would say. So I was asked how I think my beloved Chicago Bears would do this season. Well, after many seasons of acting as the leagues punching bag, I think the Bears are finally on the right track. They have two potentially decent young QB's in Grossman and Orton. They finally have a dangerous threat in the reciever core with the new addition of Muhammed catching the long ball. And last but not least, the running game is looking great with 1st round pick Cedrick Benson and Thomas Jones. All the elements are in place for a good season, or even a playoff spot. Especially with a weakend NFC East division. Greenbay is struggling already. The Vikings are sucking big time after losing Moss to the Raiders and the Lions are pittiful. Chicago could actually have a .500 season and still make the playoffs. I'd be pretty happy with an 8-8 season if they made the playoffs and gave me a better record that BJ's cowgirls. I actually think they have the potential to go 9-7 or better. We shall see. Next stop, week 3 and the now dangerous Cinncinati Bengals. After last weeks 38-6 whipping of the Lions, my hopes are very high!


Anonymous said...

Go Bears! Another sausage todd?

Too bad Philadelphia will beat them in the playoffs.

Thorpeland said...

That may be true. But I'd be happy with them making it to the playoffs to even face the Eagles.