Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tough One To Swallow

It was week 6 of first season with my new soccer team, Menace FC. And this week, we had to play my old team U Wish. I knew it would be a tough game normally, but I knew they would do everything they could to keep me from scoring a goal. Right from the start their defenders collided with me hard on my first 3 touches to the ball. Only one was called for a foul. My team began to struggle. We were missing our goalie who had to work late. (Of all nights!) We had a substitute goalie playing but he wasnt anywhere as good as our starter. By half time, we were down 3-1. Not too bad but it should be a closer game. Im back on the field for the second half and I recieve the ball at midfield. I move it up and beat one defender. The defense hesitates to close in on me. I wind up and fire a hard shot towards goal. In the last split second a defender gets his foot out to tip it. The ball is deflected barely at the top of the goal, missing its target. Darn!! We managed to score 2 more goals to make it 6-3 at the final whistle. Hopefully we'll play them in the playoffs and have a rematch with our full team. I know we can beat them.

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