Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One Plus One Equals...... One!

This past weekend Emily finished off her apartment lease, handed in her key and we moved all her stuff into my house! The two of us have combined our powers into one now. She's the first girlfriend Ive ever actually lived with. But thats because until her there has not been one I could imagine living with. But Emily's the greatest and I love having her around me at all times of the day. Things were a little tight because she had so much stuff. But we managed to get everything in. I was very glad we hired movers to bring everything over. Im DONE moving apartments. No more stair climbing, whew! Of course, Emily has already taken to decorating the place. Which is fine by me because, well, I had no decorations up. For the past six months, my house looked like a person had just moved in. She's helping to fix that problem. We'll see if she gets tired of me after a while. haha Although I doubt that will happen. C'mon!!, its me!

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