Friday, October 02, 2009

Summers Last Gasp

Summers Last Gasp
Originally uploaded by Thorpeland
As I pulled into the garage last night while coming home from work, thunderstorms were really building up and rains were coming down heavy. But it was odd because the sun was still shining through the north end of the clouds where the storm had not reached yet. I looked out over the back yard with the sun shining towards the house, I got the idea for an interesting shot. Even though it was fall season, it felt like a warm summer shower. I grabbed my camera and laid down on the kitchen floor with the back door open. This allowed me to shoot slightly into the sun and the falling rain, using some un-mowed weeds around the back porch as a subject. I really thought the glow of the sun through the cat tails with streams of rain coming down really captured the feel of the moment. It was nice.


Alex Suarez said...

Nicely done, Thorpe. I love rain mixed with direct sunlight.

Eli Reinholdtsen said...

Even without the rain it would be a great shot. The rain adds the little extra.