Friday, August 22, 2003

... On the Plus side

Had a men's league soccer game last night at Inwood. We were playing the first place team in the first round of the playoffs. Now, my team has had a dismal season and we're pretty much ready to get this one over with so we can start a new one. So we didn't have big expectations. Well, at half time they are only winning 1-0. Not bad. Im starting to think we have a chance. I thought too soon. Before i know it we're down 4-0, and things are looking about what we expected them to. Then, comes this "plus" side i spoke of. I steal the ball from their defender at midfield and evade another defender which leaves me on the far right side of the field, about 15 yards from the goal. I wind up and hit a perfect shot to the far upper corner of the goal. I even surprised myself on that one! Ok, we're still down 4-1. Minutes later, our goalie Josh for some reason take off up the field with the ball. I move with him expecting the pass but he's set on getting a shot off. He takes his shot from the yellow line and it hits just wide left of the goal. Their keeper comes out but misses the rebound. I didn't. A quick one touch shot off my right foot and it's 4-2. We're all getting tired because we have only one sub on the bench. The other team had 4 or 5 at least and it was showing! A couple minutes after that second goal, I get the ball again very close to their net. My shot goes wide but my teammate Bay is there to try and rebound it in. His shot hits a defender and arc's up over the goalie's head back to the center. I outjumped my defender and headed it home for my 3rd goal of the night! They ended up scoring one more on us to make it 5-3 final. But we started to make a comeback, and it had been a while since i'd tallied 3 goals in a game. I guess that's my plus side.

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