Monday, August 04, 2003

Close to Riches

Ok, maybe not. I bought 4 tickets to saturday's lottery drawing. I did not win. Surprised? Not really. Although it was a paltry $4 Million, I think I could have still had some fun. Someone finally won the $47 Million drawing, last Wednesday. That's the one I really wanted to win. It really is depressing when you buy your ticket and find out you didn't even match one of the 6 numbers.
This past weekend turned out to be pretty fun. Friday night, Valerie and I went and saw American Pie 3. One word, Hilarious! If you want to laugh your butt off until tears are coming out of your eyes, go see this movie. If you are easily offended, a prude, a lame-O, a bible beater or anyone else who does not like crude humor... don't see the movie, you wont like it. Sunday Me, Valerie and Jimmy headed out to the lake to get in at least one day of jetskiing. As we arrived at the lake, the sky's were dark with storm clouds and the wind was wiping up the water. I thought, well we're out here might as well ride! So we set off. We rode out to Party Cove. It was fairly empty. About 6 or 7 boats only. It was a beating riding out there. We had to ride into the wind, hitting every wave head on. But on the way back was something special. We were riding in the direction of the wind and waves. I have NEVER seen waves and swells this large on a lake before!! My jetski would dip down in one swell and jimmy's jetski would disapear out of my view. Then the slightest bit of throttle would send me air born as i came out of the swell. Then I noticed the large waves rolling towards shore. These waves had white caps that crested about 4 to 6 feet high and would crash over as they rolled towards the shore. I quickly found if i rode head on into one, then cut the jetski sharp and gunned the throttle, I could bank off the top of the wave and ride it like a surfer would. It was an incredible feeling to have the jetski being lifted up and carried by these large waves!! During all of this, we were being hit in the face by so much water spray we could barely see the next wave coming. In fact, Jimmy almost went over his handle bars! He jumped one wave and the spray blinded him. When he hit the water there was already another large wave coming. He slammed into it and it threw him forward. Luckily he regained control and stayed up.

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