Sunday, August 24, 2003

You Gotta Comment?

Over the past few weeks, Ive occationally gotten people that leave mean comments on my poll question comment board. Things like "Thorpe is a loser", ect. Then when i edit the comment or delete it they actually have the nerve to write back on there upset about it. Well to them I only write back, screw you. If you dont like me or my site, DO NOT VISIT IT. Nobody makes you. Yet, they seem to keep coming back. And I do know its the same people each time. My domain stats tell me what ISP they come from. So either they have an obession with me... or just the need for attention. This is about the extent of attention they will get. So, if you really have a problem with me, or my website... leave me a private message on my Guest Book. Or do yourself a favor and just stop visiting, its making you look like the loser.

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