Saturday, October 18, 2003


Friday started out with lunch at Subway, yum. From there I took Valerie sightseeing to show her all my college day haunts and hangouts. We started out with a tour of the MSU campus. There she got to see the dorms I lived in, the place I ate lunch and dinner at, the places I studied at.... and the places I tried to study at but fell asleep. After the campus tour her, James and myself, drove out to "The Falls", that are Wichita Falls. Soon I'll have the pictures up on my site on the Adventures page. Basically, its a man-made waterfall that greats people as they drive into town on the highway. Friday evening, we grabbed dinner at On The Border. We all left the place over stuffed. From there we headed over to my friend Tie's (spelling?) to watch a movie on his new 64 inch wide sceen tv, complete with surround sound. Very cool. Now I'm about to crash and decided to do a bit of blogging on my Sidekick before I sleep. James doesn't own a computer, so this has been my only internet and email access for the weekend. What a lifesaver. Haha ok, I'm sleepy. Goodnight and more blogging to come.

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