Monday, October 27, 2003


Everynow and then I get to have a wall to wall busy weekend. Well this was one of them. It started out Friday evening. Craig, Becki, Amanda K., Amanda Curly, Mandy, Brian and Valerie and I headed over to Ft. Worth to check out a haunted house we had heard about on the radio. It was called "Cutting Edge" Haunted house. I checked out their website and it seemed to be a pretty cool place. They claimed to have a lot of original things and that it was worth the money and trip. Well, we arrived at the location around 10pm and found our way to the ticket boothe. A regular ticket was $20. But you could get a VIP ticket for $25, which included one hour of free game play at Game Works and allowed you to skip the LONG line and go right in. We chose the latter. A few minutes later we were walking by the 100 or so people in a long snaking line and right into the haunted house. We were a little disapointed they charged tax on top of the ticket price, we figured it would have just been included in their final price. So our tickets cost $27.06. I thought, "this better be one good haunted house". The best way to describe the place is, the haunted house that never ends. Which in this case was a good thing. We entered the maze at just after 10pm and finally found our way out at 11:20pm. Over an hour of scares and thrill, which included a timed maze where we were given glow sticks and 5 minutes to find our way out of, numorous floors to navigate through and a foam filled ending. (hehe) So after it was all said and done, it turned out to be worth the amount to go through.
Saturday was Roger and Melissa's Halloween Party! I will soon have pictures up from this event. I had some techincal difficulties during my first upload tonight. They will be up soon. I wore a Landshark costume and was awarded the ribon for Most Creative Costume. Woo Whoo! There were a lot of great costumes though. And we all had a blast. Be sure to check back in the next couple days to see all the pictures I took.
Sunday, which is normally a slow relaxing day, turned out to be exciting also. It was time for another LAN Party. Me and several other fellow PC gamers met at an office building in Dallas to set up our battle network. After about an hour of getting everyone's PC's set up and syncronized it was time for war. The game of choice for the day was Unreal Tournament 2003. The competition was tough, but I managed to rack of a few wins in some of the rounds. A winner was decided when a competitor reached 25 Frags (kills). The LAN Party was a blast, litterally. Ha! I can't wait till our next one. Although hauling all my equipement to my car and back is a lot of work.
All in all it turned out to be a great weekend. I had been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while. Now that it's over, im not sure what to look forward to next. Thanksgiving? hhmm... Ok.

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