Saturday, October 04, 2003


Wow. And not wow in a good way. The haunted house in Krum Texas is beyond a joke. It advertised a 2000 ft tunnel of terror. Umm...yeeeaah. What we found was a long tunnel, with a 13 yr old kids standing along the wall every 100 feet trying to be scary. Not. I've worked at and helped run a haunted house a few years ago. With a little creativity and hard work, we created a truly scary and fun haunted house. The Krum haunted house had potential, but just fell flat. I hope they figure that out and improve it as halloween nears. It just wasn't worth the $15 they charged to walk through it. Afterwards, me, Valerie and the group went to Beth Maries ice cream shop. Mmmmmmmm... Good stuff.

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