Sunday, May 16, 2004

Friday Re-Cap

With the end of the week here and an impromptu DC (Dinner Club) planned, the weekend was off to a good start. This time it was a smaller group consisting of only Therese, Craig, Becci, Ken and myself. The restaraunt was choosen by Mr. Craig and this time he reccomended "The Canary", in Addison. This was an interesting place. The sign out front says, "The Canary - Japanese by day, Medeteranian by Night". Odd combo I must say. The place was fairly small and dark, with candle lit tables spread thru the room. There was a 4 piece jazz band playing in the corner, which added a nice atmosphere. Looking at the menu, I noticed a wide variety of sea food and pasta type dishes. Everything sounded great. Prices ranged from $8 to $25, not bad all considering. We placed our orders and snacked on an appetizer while waiting. Thats when things got intersting, and almost disasterous! We had 2 candles burning at our table. But they weren't actually candles, they were small glass jars of, i guess, kerosene with a wick that soaks up the fuel and you light the end. Well Ken first says the one on his end of the table is making him nervous and he fears he will hit the flame with his arm. So he blows it out. No problem. Minutes later, he says his end of the table is too dark now. But rather than asking the guy who runs the place to relight it, he takes the small lantern and tries to tip it over on its side to use the other OPEN FLAME to relight it!!! I stare in disbelief as the fluid from one lantern spills out over the OPEN FLAME of the other one. Lucky for us, rather than a huge fireball like explosion, it just dowsed out the other flame leaving us with no candles. Whew! The owner rushed over and with a nervous smile on his face, told us to ask him to relight them next time. Ha! We agreed.... right Ken? :) A short time later, our food arrived. I can honestly say, this was some of the best restaraunt food I'd had in a long long time. I ordered salmon with some type of glaze and pasta, surrounded by grilled vegetables. Everything was delicious and perfect! I think the rest of the group enjoyed their food equally. After dinner, we ordered Turkish coffee. They brought it to us in a tall, thin, mug like glass. I added my normal amount of creme and sugar (a bunch) and took my first sip. Strong coffee! It reminded me almost of the Cuban coffee my grandpa used to make for my mom, which I used to steal sips from as a kid. I knew after a glass of this, I would be wired the rest of the night. I was. Overall it was a great Dinner Club, that will be remembered!

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