Sunday, May 16, 2004

Saturday Re-Cap

After sleeping off my high octane coffee and waking up refreshed, Saturday was upon me. I was scheduled to make a PC repair run up to my parents house. Complaints of my mom's and brothers PC's running very slowly kept them calling and emailing me all week. I feared it would be the newest Sasser virus. So i came prepared. But what I found was much less serious. Malicious spy-ware was the cluprit. A quick run through with Spybot and Adaware and their systems were clean and running tip top again.

A forty minute drive home later, I was preparing for the real event of the day. A group consisting of Mike, Cheryl, EVP (Eric), Therese and myself were to head down to the Taste of Addison festival going on all weekend. Basically, each year the city of Addison Texas throws a huge outdoor festival where all of the restaraunts in the city can set up boothes for people to hop from one the other tasting the foods for only a couple bucks per stop. They also bring in a big name music act to finish off the evening. Our first stop was the booth of the Macceroni Grill, a tasty Italian eatery. I got a bowl of some type of bow-tie pasta. It was good! But barely put a dent in my starving belly. Next stop, The Magic Time Machine. This fairy tale themed restaraunt has the staff dressing up as various characters from child hood stories and poems. I think some roman gladiator served me my steak and veggie shish kabob. Like most everything, it was awesome. Cooked perfectly. (Sorry Eric) haha Getting a little full, we decided it was time to find dessert. What better than the boothe of the Marble Slab, ice cream shop. I ordered their chocolate ice cream sunday. Covered in chocolate topings and whip cream, it was the perfect dessert. After that, I was about to pop I was so full!

The group had gotten split up after a bit of cell phone tag, we met up again with Craig, Bex and Ken. We worked our way around the park to the main stage area where the music performance of the night was. On stage at the time was the group Blue October. I recognized one song they played but the rest I had no idea of. As it got dark and all the stage lights began to come on, they announced the main act of the night... the B-52's! I have always like the B-52's and have a couple of their CD's. By the time they came on stage, there were probably a few thousand people standing in the lawn seating area. It was a great time! They sounded exactly like they do on CD. Which was good because some groups suck when live. The event ended a little after 11pm and we walked to a near by coffee shop and had some drinks. Everyone headed home finally around 1am, exhausted. It was a really fun evening. I took some pic's with my phone cam, since I didnt have my real digi-cam with me. I'll try to post some of them soon!

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