Friday, May 07, 2004

Thru the Five Hole!!

Just got home from playing 2 hours of pick up in-line hockey. Wow, I had forgotten what a workout that is! It has been almost 4 years since I played roller hockey. What a blast! I was a little slow on my skates at first and my stick skills weren't as sharp as they once were. But with each shift I played, I got a little sharper. That is until an hour had past and my legs felt like wet noodles and I was flat out exhausted! What a great workout. I keep this up, combined with soccer... I should be in great shape in no time. The only down part about it is pick up hockey is from 10pm to midnight, on Thursdays. Could make for a tough Friday morning at work. Oh well, its worth it! Despite my slowness of getting back into the game, I did have one really nice shift where I scored 2 goals and got an assist! He shoots.... he scores!!!

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