Saturday, May 29, 2004

Land HO!!!

Its that time again! My jetski and I hit the water at 1:30pm CST today. As usual, Top Jimmy was there to meet me for an afternoon of wave jumping and other high speed aqua antics. This time though I was accompanied by a newbie to the SeaDoo scene, my girlfriend Emily. As we all arrived at Lake Lewisville to drop the watercraft in, we immediatly noticed the 30 plus mph winds which were causing white caps out on the lake. We knew this would make for some rough riding. Sure enough, the waves pounded me as I jumped from one the next. Not to mention to blow back from the splashes from the jetski hitting the waves. The wind carried the displaced water right back into my face! It made it a little tough to see. Thats when Top Jimmy showed me a new pair of jetskiing googles he bought. These things are sweet. They seal water out of the eyes and they are also polarized to help you see clearer. I'll be picking some up soon. The SeaDoo ran great after coming out of its hibernation de-winterizing process. It smoked a little heavy at first, but was revving very responsively minutes later.

A little later in the day our good friends Cheryl and Mike showed up for some lake fun. Neither of them had ever been on a jetski, so I knew they were in for a fun time. They took turns riding on back as I gave them a quick lake tour. They seemed to really be having a blast. I invited everyone back for a day of cooking out and jetskiing in the weeks to come. And hopefully, it wont be so windy.

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