Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Much Smoother

I hit the lake again Sunday with Jimmy. Without the 100 mph winds the lake was much smoother and didnt beat us down. It made for a much more enjoyable day. Jimmy ran into mechanical problems. Its seems he started his jetski in too shallow of water (less than 3 feet). The water intake sucked sand and rocks from the bottom of the lake, up into his coolant track. His jetski began to overheat, forcing him to kill the engine and put it back on the trailor for the day. Bummer. We made the best of things by inflating his innertube and I pulled him around the lake for the afternoon, doing my best to fling him off in the turns. haha It was still a lot of fun! Soon i will be picking up one of those disposable water-proof cameras. I'll post some of the pics on my site. Its just too risky to take my digital camera out on the open lake. Jetski's and technology dont mix.

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