Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So, here's how my "hypothetical" discussion went with my friend yesterday;

Thorpe: So Stan, how is it you make exact "backup" copies of the DVD movies you own?
Stan: It's easy Thorpe. Just download the free programs DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.
Thorpe: Wow Stan, is it really that easy to make "backup" copies of the DVD's you already own?
Stan: Yes it is Thorpe. Give it a try.

So I did. After about 2 minutes of searching the web for those 2 programs I had them downloaded and installed. I popped in a movie ran DVD Decrypter. In 20 minutes an exact copy of the movie was on my computers hard drive. Ok, easy enough. Then I fired up DVD Shrink. I selected my movie file and clicked "Go". Ten minutes later, the movie was re-compressed and ready to be burned. I checked the box in DVD Shrink that said "Use DVD Decrypter to burn DVD Image". Two clicks later, my movie was being written back to a blank DVD-R disk. After 35 minutes, I went in to check on the process. It was done! I quickly removed the DVD from my PC and ran to my living room DVD player under my TV. I popped in the disk and sat back on the couch. BINGO!! The movie quickly started to play. Despite using a higher compression ratio than the original, I could not tell a difference in quality. It was a perfect 1 for 1 copy! I can now make backups of all the movies I own. ;)

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