Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Weekend Wrap

Ok so it's Tuesday, I suppose I should update everyone with last weekends events. (Deep breath...) Here we go.

Friday night: Started out with the group meeting up at the LoopHole sports bar for some food and drinks. We even pried DMC out of his hole to come join us! Mandy showed up and brought her album of pictures from her recent trip to Hawaii. Very cool. Makes me want to go visit! Later, Therese showed up to join our already growing group. From the Loophole, we headed over to the bowling alley in town. At 11pm they have something called "Cosmic Bowl". This is where they turn off the lights, turn on black lights and blast rock music while you bowl. Its really fun. Unlike the last Cosmic Bowl, I was on fire this time. I won all but one game for my team, beating the evil EVP each time. Ha! Although, EVP bowls much better once he's had a couple pitchers of beer. I dont know why or how, but its true. Mike bowled pretty good, racking up a few strikes. I give him extra points for his exagerated form when releasing the ball. LOL Cheryl did MUCH better this time, actually geting the ball all the way down the lane! Its amazing how much better you bowl without 6 glasses of beer and 4 tequilla shots in you. Isnt it Cheryl? ;) One of the best improved bowlers was my Emily. :) She even scored a 133 in one game. Very impressive!

Saturday night: This was the big event I had to keep secret, because of EVP. It was his birthday, a whopping 41 years old! haha Secretly, me and therese planned to surprise him and take him to Medevil Times. This is the place that's in a castle. You eat dinner and watch nights in armor fight and joust. Tons O fun! Well, EVP knew we were going, but what he didnt know was we had paid extra for them to call his name and have his picture taken with the castles King. He was very surprised and seemd really happy. His 6 year old son also came along and had a blast. Although, the evening almost had a setback. Emily's cable guy caused her to be late, which threw off our time schedule for the evening. Kudos to Therese for some speedy driving down 35E! She was peddal to the medal the entire way down.

Sunday: With the weather looking a perfect 95F out and clearing sky's, the lake was calling! Emily and I headed out to the lake to meet up with Top Jimmy and a new female friend of his. We covered a huge amount of the lake this weekend, riding way north, past Party Cove. It was a fun day on the lake. And my newly shaved head didnt even get sunburnt. :) Party Cove was PACKED this weekend. Probably 60 or so boats had grouped together by late afternoon. I took some pictures with the disposable water-proof camera i had bought. As soon as I finish the roll, I'll post some pictures!

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