Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So Close

Tonight was my soccer leagues Championship Match. We had worked our way back to it, to face the dreaded IMEG soccer club. In the end we came up short, losing 7-4. Not too bad considering what a stacked team they are. Game high notes include me getting our opening goal and minutes later a nice assist. After a making a save, our keeper Steve throws a long ball over half the distance of the field to me. I trap the ball quickly and notice we have a two on one attack going. Teamate Sahal is on the oppisote side of the field signaling for the pass. I dribble the ball forward towards their defender. I quickly fake an instep pass to Sahal and push the ball out to my right. Then, a quick right footed shot, driven straight across goal into the far lower corner, puts up 1-0! They answered with 2 goals in the next few minutes. I feared it would turn into a landslide unless we scored some more. A minute later Jamie dribbles into our attacking third. I post up infront of their goalie inside the goalbox with my back to the goal. Jamie gives me a quick pass to my feet. I know their keeper is closing in on my fast and hard. I flick the ball to my right perfectly to an onrushing Cody, who burries it home, tying the game 2-2. They kept the pressure on us, slowly wearing down our defense. Late in the second half, we were down 6-4 with less than 2 minutes left. We knew we needed goals and fast. We pushed our defense up to put more pressure on the attack. The gamble cost us, as they scored on a break away. It didnt matter though. All in all, our team played a solid match. We have a week off, then time to prepare for the next season starting. Hopefully we'll pick up a couple new players and be back in the championship to win it this time!

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