Friday, June 11, 2004

Ready, Set... GO!

Its Friday, 4:21PM CST. Im sitting at my desk counting down the minutes till an action packed weekend begins. Well, I supose the term "action packed" is subject to opinion. lol But I do have a lot of fun things planned. Im not going to write completely about what they are until probably Sunday. Some of it is still top secret. Certain people are not to know until the timing is right. haha

On a different and much less interesting note, I have purchased new clean sand for the crabitat and will rebuild it tonight. Im sure the hermies will be estatic to get back into their home again. They can once again begin digging, exploring and having fun in general.

Well I will be sure to take pictures this weekend, and try to get a few of them up! Oh, 4:27! Time is just flying by now. Wooo Whooo!

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