Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's A Miracle!!!

Last week, disaster struck. Well, hermit crab disaster. With the sand in the crabitat getting a bit too wet and nasty, I decided to remove the crabs, all of their climbing things and fill the tank with fresh dry sand. I put the hermies in a temporary crabitat, a Nike shoebox with a lid. They had water, food and some climbing toys and seemed happy in their vacation home. There was a small hole on one side of the box for air. It seemed way too small for anyone to squeeze thru. Or so I thought. I come home afterwork and open the box to check on them. One, two....... hhmm... one... two.... ok, WHERE IS NUMBER THREE!!!?? Moe had escaped!! He aparently forced his way thru the small hole, dropped off the kitchen counter and was loose in the apartment! There were only about a thousand places he could hide. Under furiture, clothes, computer equipement... anywhere. I looked for hours, nothing. I sat down, and just accepted the fact I'd lost my little buddy. A day goes by and I come home from work. I finished dinner and walk into the bathroom. As I open the door to come out, something catches my eye. I look down and... THERE HE IS!! Sitting in the middle of the hallway, looking at me is Moe, alive and well! I pick up the little explorer, his little beedy eyes staring back at me. After further inspection, he seems healthy and active. I put him back into the box and seal the hole to make it way too small this time. Im still trying to get the right kind of sand, but until then the hermies are safe and happy again... together.

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