Monday, August 01, 2011

NIKE Missile Base
Bed & Breakfast

One of the benefits of joining a group with a similar interest is sometimes you get access to things you might not on your own.  This would be the case in me getting access to the now abandoned NIKE Missile Base.  I was able to get this access along with the rest of the Denton Camera Club.  Someone in the club somehow met the current owner of the property.  We all met out at the base on a warm, humid Saturday morning at 7am.  We had free roam of the property, which was once the barracks and administrative offices.  About a mile away was the part of the base I really wanted to see... the launch pads and underground control center.  But, I was happy to be shooting this part as well.  Our club spent about 3 hours wandering around, snapping photos of anything of interest.  It was a really fun time and I could feel the photo-mojo flowing!  I felt I came away was some very interesting images. I hope to one day return to this location.  Or perhaps visit the other part of the old base.  

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