Monday, August 01, 2011

River Adventures
Campsite on the Brazos

This was taken on my recent adventure, a 20 mile canoe trip down the Brazos river here in Texas.  When I signed up for this group trip, I didn't know I would be the odd numbered person in the group and the only one going solo.  So this meant I had to paddle my own canoe alone for the 20 miles.  At first I wasn't sure if I'd be up to the task.  But once I got out on the river, my canoe skills of years ago came back to me.  By the end of the first day I was efficient and keeping up with the group.  This photo is of our campsite on one of the sand islands on the river.  Its was a really cool campsite.  We cooked our dinner down by the shoreline, enjoying a nice evening breeze.  But as night fell, the breeze stopped and the heat was rather smothering.  We also had the amusement of two raccoon's swimming out to the island at night and going through our trash and canoes.  Hah!  One got into my canoe to look around.  But he knocked an ore down, which scared him and sent him running.  By the end of the trip we were hot, tired and hungry.  But it was a really fun experience and I hope to return with some of my good friends to take them down the river.  Perhaps in the fall... when its NOT 105f!

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