Friday, December 05, 2003

Blown Chances

Well its the morning after my game which i mentioned in my last posting. What should have been a sure victory, ended in an embarassing 8-8 tie. Lots of mistakes and sloppy defense gave our lesser opponent plenty of chances to get shots on our goal. And they did. By mid second half, we were leading 7-2. Normally this would be enough to secure a win if we just play smart and run down the clock. But no, we didnt. They pulled it to 6-8 with :44 seconds left on the clock. They score and then one of our guys takes his time returning the ball to the center after the goal, so the ref calls a delay of game penalty on him giving him a 2 minute penalty in the box. So now we're down a man. They throw everything they have at us the last :40 seconds, scoring the tieing goal with 6 seconds left. I grab the ball run back to the center circle and look up to see their goalie still high-fiving his team. The ref blows the whistle to start play and with 3 seconds left I chip the ball deep towards their goal hoping to catch him unaware. Their keeper dives back towards the goal line to make the save and tips it just over the open net. Saving the spoiler for them. We had our chances, we should have won. We have to get better.

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