Saturday, December 13, 2003

Surprise, Surprise... Surprise!

My friend Jarod is graduating from college this semester and his girlfriend contacted me and our group of friends to say she's organizing a suprise birthday dinner for him tonight. Should be fun. It's at a Thia food restaraunt. Ive never had Thia food, but I like most other asian cuisines so I'll give this a good try. We are meeting tonght at 7pm and Jarod thinks its only he and his girlfriend, Andrea, having the dinner.
On another note I heard a funny story today. My friend Brandon, Valerie's brother works for a local video rental store. He tells me yesterday he gets a call from a guy who says, "my movie is due tonight but Im not going to be able to bring it in. How can we take care of this over the phone." HA! Brandon politely tells the guy he cant. He has to bring the movie back... thats just the way it works. The nerve of some people... thinking they can talk their way out of being charged when clearly they are at fault.
Tomorrow is another Paintball War day. We are meeting at our wooded location at 9:30am and will battle it out for a few hours. This should be a ton of fun. We are expecting about 10 guys. I'll try to take some pictures.

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