Thursday, December 04, 2003

Precious Cargo is in the Nest

Got the pleasure of driving down to DFW International Airport tonight to pick up my mom flying back in from Florida where she was attending my grandfathers funeral. Not too bad of a drive, only about 20 minutes for me. I was afraid traffic was going to spoil my 7pm pickup. Not to fear, I zipped thru traffic in the Saturn 5 Turbo and had her, 2 dogs and 5 suitcases loaded up and headed north before we new it. On the way home my mom confessed a rather chilling story. She said around 1:30am on the morning my grandfather passed away, she woke up suddenly after having an extremely vivid dream of my grandfather standing in the doorway of the room she was sleeping in. He was gesturing and trying to tell her something, then he turned and walked away into the room next door. This woke her up and she couldnt go back to sleep. At 8am, the doctor called the house to tell her my grandfather had passed away earlier that morning. Yeah, strange to say the least. Was it a coincidence, just a dream created from the stress of the situation... or was it really a message being given to her as he passed away? We'll never know for sure but it is awful interesting. Well grandpa... if your somewhere else now and your reading blogs on the internet and you come across mine, we got your message. Goodbye. :(

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