Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Man Down!

This past Sunday we played another game of paintball. Man, what fun! This time we only had 5 guys, so we played games of 3 vs 2.... hunter/seeker. The 2 man team would go out into the woods and hide. The 3 man team would proceed to slowly hunt them through the woods. Once the teams found eachother, a fierce firefight would break out. Paintballs were flying everywhere, splattering through the trees and branches. With everyone using semi-auto paintball markers, you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. In a single firefight, I would easily burn through 200 rounds of paint. I actually had a pretty good day. Only hit twice all day long. While on the other hand, I was able to land game ending shots on Paul, Courts, Adam and Ken. I even fired a few extra rounds into Courts after he was "dead". He said he yelled "Hit!" but I told him I thought he yelled "Not yet!". Hahaha It was a fun day for everyone. We all went home with humorous war stories to think about until the next time we play. Which should be in a couple weeks. Probably after christmas. I took some pictures with my camera phone, and I may post them if I get the chance.

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