Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Batter Up!

After neglecting my blog for about a week, im back. This past weekend, Craig, Becci, myself and Emily went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. It was an exciting day because the Rangers were closing in on 1st place. As the game started, we soon realized this wouldnt be the day they took first place. The game ended 9-0... Seatle Marlins. Ouch. Our seats were'nt too bad. In the 11th row of section 4, we were in the left side of the outfield. The bad thing was the heat. Although the temps were only in the low 80's, there was no wind inside the stadium and we quickly began to cook. Then luck struck our little group. We went back into the tunnel to take a break from the sun. Suddenly, I notce my buddy Houston standing next to me. He asks where we are sitting and I tell him. Then he asks if we want their seats! They are leaving and have 4 seats that were closer to the action and in the shade. We quickly made our way there. The last 3 innings were much more pleasant. I was able to get some cool photo's which I put up on my photography hobby site. ( ) It was good to get in one more baseball game before the end of the season.

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Anonymous said...


I guess your not much of a baseball fan either. You saw the Seattle Mariners.

Your Bro,


P.S. Nice blog!