Sunday, September 05, 2004

A Pack Mule Named Thorpe

Recently my sister bought a house. Its a nice little place about 20 minutes from her currently apartment, in a recently developed part of the area. I knew it was just a matter of time before moving day would be upon us. Behold, today was the day. I show up at her apartment at 10am ready to start. I walk in expecting to see stacks of packed up boxes, bagged up trash and things ready to roll. Wrong. NOTHING has been done. The place is full of trash, most of her furniture is still there and she has done little to prepare for this big day. I couldn't believe it. It was like we surprised her by showing up and saying "Lets move you today!" Totally unprepaired. So the loading begins. Luckily, her boyfriend, Steve was there to help with a truck and trailer also. We got all the furniture loaded up and taken over to the house along with most the clothes and other junk. Then came the refridgerator she had bought and wanted to take with her. Now, her kitchen is tiny at the apartment and I wondered how the delivery guys got that thing in there. We soon found out, it must have been done by voodoo or something. The fridge was too big to get out of the kitchens doorway! We had to remove both doors of the fridge and still barely squeeze it out. Meanwhile, the house is like an oven and we are all sweat soaked while trying to lug this thing out of the apartment and onto a trailer. We finally get it loaded and over to her houes. Now, time to get it inside. Turns out we have to remove her front door from its hinges AND remove the fridge doors again, just to get it inside! This was exhausting. But, now she's moved in and seems to be happy. She has no drapes or blinds yet on any windows, so it feels like you are a science experiment for all the neighbors to look in and watch. I'll have to post some pics when she gets the place all set up.

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