Friday, September 17, 2004


Ok, not fathead, but in actuality... fatfingers. Huh? Yeah. If you're an ebay shopper/dealfinder, im sure you've spent at least an hour hunting the site for the best deal on the do-dad of the moment you need. You may find it. The funny thing is, there are listings for your item you won't find. Do you know why? Because the brain that listed it, mistyped the title of his/her item. So, few if anyone finds the thing! This means, zero to slim bids. So, you're asking, how do I find these items if they are incorrectly listed? Easy, check out
Once there, you can enter your item (correctly spelled) and tell it which ebay to search. In searching for an item i will be buying soon, I was surprised to find about 35 listings mispelled and barely or not at all bid on. Oh I placed my bid sure thing! I hope I win. Enjoy the new secret weapon you have on ebay. And yes.... you're welcome. :)

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