Monday, September 06, 2004

Live From Terminal A, Gate 18

I'm sitting in DFW airport right now, waiting for Emily to get back from Las Vegas. I never can guess how long it will take me to get to the airport. Tonight, it took me 20 minutes. I'm here like 40 minutes early because I guessed wrong. That's ok, I can people watch. Haha For instance, to my left there is a hispanic family. The father keeps speaking in spanish to someone on the phone but then swiches to english to speak to his wife and kids. Odd. To my right there is an older airport security "guard". The reason I say it like that is because his head keeps bobbing as he fights off sleep. Also because he looks like he couldn't fight off an old woman if he had to. Another observation; some girl, probably early 20's, just walked past me while talking on her cell phone. She was crying and saying to the person on the line, "I can't find my gate!". I live here and know this airport by heart. Should I volunteer to help her? Maybe I could at least...... Ah screw it.... She's too far away now and I'm not chasing. Good luck lady! There I yelled it.....kinda. Well 20 minutes till arrival. Tick tock tick tock. I'm really excited to see Emily. I've missed her while she partied hard in sin city. Haha its always fun when you first see the person you're waiting on, come through the arrival gate from the plane. I can barely contain my excitement. Although my buddy Dan made me promise I would never again greet him at the airport with the 2 minute long hug followed by uncontrollable crying. He said he looked "gay". All I can say to him is, where's the love man?!

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