Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth?!

During a normal day in my job, I wear many hats. One moment, I'll be diagnosing a computers failing hardware, another moment I'll be troubleshooting a network problem, or sometimes helping a user with a simple set up type issue. Today in this case, my phone rings and its a user (employee) who can't log in to his email. No problem, right? Wrong. I can't remember his real name, nor can I use it... so he will be given (deserves) the name Bubba Joe. So, Bubba calls and says in a rather rural accent, "I cant log onto my email". I say, "ok, what is your user name?" (this is a abbreviated format of their first and last name used for logging onto the network and email) He says, "Bubba Joe". I chuckle and say, "no, no sir... your username". He says, "ok, Bubba Joe". I say again, "no... your username, the name you use to log onto your pc in the morning". He says, "Oh ok... that would be Bubba Joe". Now I'm getting annoyed. The guy has worked here for over a year and SHOULD know his computer username. So... one last time I ask, "Sir, I need your network USERNAME so I can help you out here". He then says, "Oh.......(long pause)....... Bubba". At this point I want to scream. Im then forced to just look up his username in our directory, the long way. I connect to his pc screen remotely to see, of all things, he's already logged in. Which tells me he had to know his username in order to even be on his computer!! There is one thing I have learned in this line of work, some people do not posess the intelligence to perform even the simplest tasks on a computer and probably should'nt be allowed to use them. But, those are the same people that give me job security I suppose, so I'll continue to grin and bear it. (sigh)


Anonymous said...

MOVE!!!!!!!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Too Funny!
I do not envy your job!