Sunday, July 27, 2003

Good Times!

It's Sunday and yesterday was a total blast! Valerie, Me, Jimmy, the Amanda's, Brandon and Cassie (his girlfriend) all went to the lake with the jetski's. We cooked out on the beach area while Jimmy and I gave non-stop rides on the jetski's. I was going to bring my camera, but left it at the house (DOH!). Next time i'll be sure to bring it. The water was great, about 85 degrees, but the lake was the lowest ive seen it in a while. Probably down about 8 feet. The temperature was perfect, probably mid-90's with low humidity. There were A LOT of boats putting in at the park we were at, so that made for some choppy waters and big swells just past the I-35 bridge crossing as the boat headed out to open waters. This of course results in some awesome wave jumping on the jetski's! I was afraid my passengers were going to be terrified by the feeling of launching out of the water and into the air, but they all seemed to love it. Next time, i'll be sure to have some pics! Oh be sure to check out the new site of the week on the homepage. VERY AMAZING to watch!

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