Friday, July 25, 2003

Prime Time!

Here I sit at my desk again on a Friday. The weekend before me awaits. I'm not sure what the next 3 days holds for me, except for another jetski outing tomorrow late-morning with Valerie and Jimmy. Should be a lot of fun.
This past work week was a busy one! We set up and installed 71 new computers for a new city library that opened. Thats a huge task for a department of 4 network administrators. Not to mention the 3 networked NDPS printers we had to get online. For months the city had been hyping their new library to the public. Well the day was finally here to open the doors. The announcement claimed they would open the doors to the public at 10am on Thursday. Well by 9am there were roughly 50 to 60 people outside the doors trying to peek in. I thought to myself, these people really need a life. Its just a library! Well the doors open and they all rush in as fast as they can. What was so funny is the people would stop in the foyer just inside the doorway and just look around, not knowing where to go or what to do. I'm thinking, why did you just wait an hour outside and then rush inside for?! Cattle. The only word to describe them. It was about that moment when i heard the head librarian, Mary, ask me, "Thorpe, do you have a library card?". "DOH! I don't", I replied. She promptly whipped out a form for me to fill out and get one. I really dont have much need for one, with this internet thing we got going. But she guilted me into it. It's free, what the heck.
In the traveling news department, this coming August I will be flying out to sunny California to visit my buddy Dan. He lives near Long Beach, and actually just a block from the beach. Once there he's going to give me the L.A. tours, head over to Venice Beach then take a day and drive down to San Diego to see our friend Zach that is stationed there with the Navy. It should be an awesome trip and provide me with some great pics to post up on! So be sure to check back in mid August!

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