Sunday, July 13, 2003

I Wake for No One!

So Jimmy and I are out on the jet ski's today at the lake. We ride up to the 380 bridge on the far north section of the lake. As we enter the No Wake zone, we both let off the throttle and coast in. We move thru this area at about 5 mph. Right as we reach the exit area of the no wake zone, we hear someone yelling to us over a loud speaker. I turn around to see a sheriffs patrol boat right behind us. He orders us to pull up aside his boat. After doing so we ask what did he stop us for. His reason, he could see with white water of a small wake coming off the front of our jetski's. Give me a break! Luckly for us, he just let us off with a verbal warning to slow down on in the no wake zones. This guy is seriously bored out there. The lake is full of people driving large boats after they've been drinking all day... and he goes after us for creating too much wake? Anywho, we still had a blast. We hung out at party cove for a bit (, cruised to all our favorite coves and did a TON of wave jumping. Ah yeah!

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