Monday, July 21, 2003

Weekend in Review

I got so busy by the end of last week and into the weekend, I didnt get to update the blog. Sorry all. Saturday was another jetski outing. Jimmy and I cruised all over the lake, reaching as far as the 121 Marina and back over to Party Cove. We had a great time, lots of wake jumping. Something occurred to me while out riding on Saturday. I was watching as the large cruisers and yachts moved across the lake. Shortly behind them, is always several jetski's, jumping the large boats waves. It made me think, they must see us as the equivilent to dolphins. Always riding along behind the boats, jumping. It was an amusing thought. Sunday I spent at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. It was my first time there and it was a blast. One of my favorite things they had to do was a boogy board "simulator" i guess you'd call it. Water is shooting out of a long slot at about 40 mph. Its only about 2 inches deep but is rushing so fast against a banked wall it creates a kind of wave. You jump onto this thing with the boogy board and ride it in place as long as you can. The good riders lasted as long as they wanted, making it look easy. If you slipped up, the current shot you around the enbankment and out an exit shoot. I lasted all of about 3 seconds then got shot out. It was very similar to being flushed down the toilet i guess. Ha! I think if I would have had several more tries I could have lasted much longer. But i didnt want to wait another 30 minutes in line.

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