Saturday, July 05, 2003

Happy 4th!

Just like the title, happy 4th all. I went to the lake yesterday with a group of friends. We cooked out and took my jetski out on the lake for some riding. About 4 hours into it, we start to see helicopters and police everywhere. Turns out over at the beach section, 2 kids had disapeared in the water somewhere. I found myself a bit torn. One side of me was concerned they got the kids back safe. The other side of me was ticked because they were closing the entire park and lake area where we were to search for the bodies. Why can't stupid people watch after their kids on a major holiday at the lake?! Well at least we got a few hours in of fun. Later that evening we went to watch a big fireworks show. It was alright. Now im just chillin at the parents house while i fine tune my mom's new pc. I have monday and tuesday off work, so it's all about relaxing now.

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