Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Mobile Me

I was greeted with a small surprise during my monday morning meeting at work. We were all given new Palm Tungsten C's. If you had not see one of these, they are Palm Pilot pc's, with color screens and fast processors. Now, in the past i was a diehard Pocket PC fan. But these Tungstens are actually quite impressive. They even have built in 802.11b wireless conectivity. Just to have some fun, one of the guys brought in his personal Linksys wireless router from home. In seconds we had used the Tungstens to detect and connect to the internet. It was an odd feeling surfing the web on a 3.5 inch screen. Configuring it to check POP3 email accounts was easy too. A few information screens on the setup wizard and I was able to check all my personal email accounts. Its too bad my entire work doesn't have wireless network setup. These really would'nt be a bad toy to have around home. Unfortunatly they list at $500. For less than $250 I can get a Dell Axim and add wireless networking to it for $40. Oh well. Its fun to play with new toys at work.

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