Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Big Game, Big Win!

Tonight my soccer team was scheduled to play a new team to our division.  Although we had not played them before, they already had a reputation as a tough team to beat.  They had already defeated our divisions league champions from last season.  This... was no easy feat.  The team was the varsity players from a local high school.  It was said they had all played together for 3 years and were in top physical shape. 

Well the game starts and in the first 2 minutes of play, I score 2 goals!  Both well placed shots found the back of the net and gave us an early surprise lead.  Our advantage didnt last long.  Late in the first half, they tied it up, 2-2.  But my team continued to fight, scoring 2 more goals just before half time giving us a small cusion.  The second half was much tighter.  They went into an all out attack to even the score, but with each attack, we defended well.  Actually this is the best defense Ive ever seen my team play.  Passing lanes clogged, two defenders infront of them anytime they had the ball and Steve our goalie all over the place making saves!  The night was ours with the game ending 5-3!  At the end of the game, the other team seemed a bit shocked.  Walking around with looks on their faces saying, "what just happened?".  I'll tell you what happend... you got out played.  To give them credit though, it was an extremely tough game.   

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