Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I just read this article on CNET.

Its talking about how badly and easily Microsofts Internet Explorer is being cracked and used to steal banking and other log in info! Normally im not one to give much concern. But the way its being done, can bye-pass any safe measures currently being used! The article suggests trying a new browser. One they reccomended is called Firefox by Mozilla. Im using it now, and I have to say, im impressed. Check it out.
This is what CNET had to say in their article.

"Bail on Internet Explorer--now
The crisis with Internet Explorer is so bad that the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) now recommends that you move away from Microsoft Internet Explorer. You have Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.7, and Opera 7.5 to choose from. However, there is much excitement surrounding Mozilla's new Firefox browser, currently in beta, if only because Firefox reunites several original Netscape developers."

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