Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Week's Recap

Yeah, so my last post was over a week ago talking about Dan's marathon mud run.  I hadn't felt I had anything really worthy of posting on here.  Nothing's worse than posting a bunch of garbage about nothing that has happened.  Well, ok there are worse things.  But I dont want it to get dull here, ya know?! 

So last weekend Brotha James from the big metropolis of Wichita Falls comes for a visit.  It had been fairly cool and rainy outside, so the good old jetski had to stay in its parking place this time.  Bummer.  James brought his Xbox with him.  Id never played an Xbox, so I thought... sure, why not.  He also brought a football game called ESPN NFL 2K5.  I'll have to admit, it was a pretty fun game.  High in detail and lots of plays to pick from.  We loaded it up and within a couple minutes, my Chicago Bears were ready to rumble.  He beat me the first game, 27-14.  Four turn-overs cost me.  But, I now had learned the controls and was ready for a rematch.  Second game... I killed him.   haha  I think the score was like 39-7.  He wasnt happy, so we played again.  Once again, Thorpe wins.  By this time, James is getting upset.  So we switch to Tiger Woods golf.  This was a closer matchup.  I only beat him once out of like 3 skins games.  James was all smiles again.  This went on for most of Saturday night.  He was scheduled to stay until Monday morning.  But then Sunday night came along.  We decided to go out and rent Major League Baseball 2004 for the Xbox.  First game, my Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox.  James loses, but its close... 13-9.  He demands a rematch but "tells me" I cant use the Cubbies.  I see where this is going already.  So I choose the Chicago White Sox.  He, goes with the Texas Rangers.  This is where things got ugly.  In the seventh inning, down 4-3, with the bases loaded, James decided to sub out his pitcher.  The new pitcher comes onto the field.  James looks at me and says, "I hope you're ready for this guys fast ball!".  Here's the pitch.... BOOM!  I hit a Grand Slam so far out of the park, its probably still going.  haha  James finishes the game and decides he wants to go home that night.  So, at 10:30pm, he packs his bags and drives the 2 hours back to Wichita Falls.  James, if you're reading this.... don't be a sore loser and bring your Xbox over unless you're prepared to take a beating.  You got that!!?   :) 

Tuesday night arrives and its another big game in my soccer league.  We played another new, young team of players called "Team Ram-Rod".  They were in 3rd place but we knew they'd put up a good fight.  And they did.  The entire first game was a defensive battle, ending in a 0-0 score.  Both teams had good scoring chances, but just couldn't put it away.  Second half starts and I'm on the first rotation in.  During a scramble infront of our goal one of our defenders clears the ball deep past half field.  Me and one of their defenders race for the ball, which is now traveling down the wall.  Since he was a bit closer, he beats me there by a step.  But, my shoulder charge knocks him off balance.  He spins his body around to shield me off the ball and I begin trying to steal it away fast before he has full control.  I quickly see he is going to use his right foot and pull the ball back and around me.  I reach around with my right leg and sweep the ball away from him as he turns.  He falls the to turf with a heavy thud and screams to the ref for the foul.  I push the ball past him expecting to hear the whistle at any second.  But... no whistle!  Its now a break away with just me and the goalie.  I pour on the speed knowing that defender is going to be on his feet, angery and wanting to stop me at all costs.  I get within about 10 yards of the goalie and he starts to come off his line towards me.  I push the ball to my left foot and quickly flick it to the near corner as the goalie was starting to approach.  He falls to his left, expecting me to shoot to the far corner, while the ball rolls into the back of the net!  Goal!  After that, the scoring opened up.  It was a back and forth game, they matched each of our goals with their own.  Finally, we pulled away and won it 5-3.  A very exciting game and a big win keeping my team in 2nd place and on course for the championship game at seasons end. 

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