Friday, July 16, 2004

Stupid rice cake!!!

While at work I try to stay somewhat healthy and fight off the late afternoon hunger monster by snacking on those flavored rice cakes.  You know the ones that come in chocolate, carmel... etc.  They really are bland but keep me from starving.  Anyhow, so I bite into one today and the thing explodes.  Well, shatters is more like it.  As I brush all the crumbs off my shirt and pants Im thinking to myself, "I know one big piece broke off and fell on me".  I look on the floor... nothing.  I look on my clothes... nothing.  I get up and look in my chair.... nothing.  Hhhmm.  Then a couple coworkers come in and we chat about some work issues.  Nothing odd.  I decided to walk down the hall and see what good buddy Craig is up to.  He's not at his desk but my other buddy Sylvia is.  I say, "whats up?"  She looks at me and then gets a strange look on her face.  "Whats that on your shoulder?!", she says.  I look over on my right shoulder, just out of my periphial vision to see a one inch chunk of the rice cake just sitting on my shoulder... like some kind of dried parrot.  I say, "oh! There you are!".  Then I pick if off and pop it in my mouth.  Sylvia about fell over laughing.  She asks how long thats been there!?  I say, about 15 minutes.  After the explosion I couldn't find it!  LOL  I am amazed my coworkers didn't say anything about it...... WHILE I WAS TALKING TO THEM!!  That was about the funniest highlight of my day. 

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