Monday, July 12, 2004

Weekend Wrap

After a busy busy weekend, I sit here early Monday morning at work with finally the chance to update things with a weekend wrap-up. Friday night Emily and I met up with our good friends Mike and Cheryl and went to see the new movie "Anchorman". This movie, along with "Dodgeball", has to be 2 of the funniest movies Ive seen in months. I laughed so hard in Anchorman, that I was in tears at one point. Maybe it was the campy jokes, maybe it was just Will Farrel... dont know. But anyone who doesnt find that movie funny needs to be checked for a pulse.

I slept in pretty late on Saturday. I was awoken by the phone ringing and my buddy Jimmy saying "are you ready to ride?!" One hour later, we're on the lake doing some wave jumping. This time, we brought Mike and Cheryl with us. I took turns giving everyone a ride on my SeaDoo. Everyone seemed to have fun.

Sunday started out very similar. I was out on the lake again by 2pm, this time with just Emily. By the time I got there, Jimmy was already out on the water. It was a perfect day. Not too hot, only about 90 degrees with a mild breeze. Apparently Im not the only one who thought it would be a good day for jetskiing. I must have seen 30 others out on the lake with personal watercraft (waverunners, seadoos, polaris, ect.). Including the type of rider I HATE. The idiots that make the game wardens, sheriffs and boaters in general dislike jetski'ers. If there is a "Slow- NO WAKE" zone, they fly right thru it full throttle. If there is a boat anchored, with people just relaxing and sunbathing, they ride right up to it to "check out" who's on the boat. I even saw one jetski with one kid driving and the other sitting on the front end of the bike, stradling the handlebars, facing the driver!! They drove around in circles, in the NO JETSKIING area for a while before falling over and off the watercraft. Where was the lake patrol when you needed them!? Geeze, and people wonder why jetskii'es get a bad image?

Overall it was a great weekend though. Im actually a bit worn out. I need a weekend from my weekend! :)

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