Monday, July 05, 2004


Man, I didnt know how badly I needed these past few days off of work. I was really getting worn out. I feel totally rejuvinated after the past 3 days off. And I still have the rest of today and tomorrow off! Its been a great 4th of July weekend so far. Friday night, Emily and I played putt-putt and rode go-carts. It was a lot of fun and she insists that the highest score in putt-putt declares the winner. In that case, she won... by a very large margin. Ha! In the go-cart catagory I expected a rough and tumble race from the little speed racer. Turns out, she got the slowest cart on the track and everybody was passing her. LOL Oh well, maybe next time.

Saturday started out with Emily and I meeting Jimmy at the lake for an afternoon of jetskiing. It was a ton of fun and we covered miles of lake! Party cove was super packed. Must have been 100 boats there! We had fun jumping the large boat wakes and flying across a fairly calm lake. Only later in the day did things get rough out on the open water. That night we met up with Cheryl and Mike and headed over to Fouts Field stadium to watch a huge fireworks show. It was pretty good, although a bit short. Lasted about 25 minutes. At least it was free.

Sunday I took Emily up to my parents house for a cookout and to shoot off some fireworks. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Fireworks went off smooth. I didnt blow off any hands or my face! Always makes for a successful 4th, dont you agree?


Anonymous said...

Cool blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

First off, the John Deere go-kart sucked. I should've gotten the Home Depot one and then I would've kicked your butt. Second, it is the most strokes in golf that wins so I majorly kicked your butt and don't you forget it!