Friday, July 09, 2004

A Loaner Thorpe

Last night I was called up by my buddy Gregg to play on his Thursday night team. Im not an official player on his team but he put me on the roster as a reserve. His team plays in the B division. Well, despite not having a bad group of guys, we were beat 5-1 by a team of scrubs. It was 1-0 at half time, we were winning. Im not sure what happend. Funny thing though. There is a guy on the team named Colin who has his head shaved, similar to mine is now. He's a good player, but likes to hold on to the ball a bit long sometimes. If in trouble, he'll try to dribble his way out of it. Its just the way he plays. I on the other hand prefer to pass than to wear myself out. I think I held on to the ball maybe twice the entire game. So, after the game the hispanic goalie comes up to me and in extremely broken english, starts yelling at me for not passing the ball. He says "have you ever played soccer before!?", "why didnt you ever pass the ball?!". At first, I looked at him... then looked behind me thinking he must be talking to someone else. Then he says "no... you, im talking to you!!". Well, my instant reaction, knowing that in no way did I dribble too much said, "have you ever played goalie before because I didnt see you making a lot of saves?!". I had really made me angery that he said that. Because I couldnt understand why he thought thats how I had played. Then on the way home it hit me. He had to be confusing me and Colin for eachother. Both white boys... both shaved heads. I hope he gets halfway home also and thinks, wait, maybe it was the other one? Oh well, Im not letting it bother me anymore. I do blame DMAC for bringing over pizza and making me eat it before my game. I felt like I was running with a bag of lead in my gutt. No more pizza on game nights!!

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