Thursday, July 08, 2004


Wednesday, my coworker Paul invited me to go with him to 6 Flags Over Texas since he had an extra ticket. I thought, sure. I hadnt been in over a year and Emily had a season pass anyhow, so why not. I did my normal ritual of not eating anything heavy in the hours leading up to the trip. We left after work and arrived at the park around 6:30pm. The first ride everyone wanted to hit was The Titan. For those who have never rode on The Titan, its one bad boy of a roller coaster. It has one of the steepest, highest opening drop-offs of any modern roller coaster. The ride ends in a downward spiraling cork-screw, where the G-forces almost reach a black out level for me. The lines were short, so we were getting our seats on the coaster in no time. The ride went as expected, lasting all of about 2.5 minutes. But when we got off the roller coaster and started to walk.... Uh-Oh. I could feel it. Nausea in the head and stomach had me on the verge of a full blown projectile vomit. But I focused and avoided a technicolor yawn. The only down side to that was that I was unable to go on any other rides the rest of the night. I did manage to get aboard the Mine Train, a rollercoaster for those who cant handle or dont like real roller coasters. But that even almost made me sick again. We left the park and I hit the sack immediatly. I was asleep in 30 seconds flat. No joke. This morning, I felt better but not 100%. I can still feel the remnants of the extreme motion. Even as I type this and think about the roller coaster I get a little nauseated. Blah! I guess this tells me something. I am not cut out to be a astronaut or a jet fighter pilot. I can live with that.


Anonymous said...

Put some Dramamine in your purse next time Nancy and take some of that before you get to the park. You will be able to ride every coaster there without so much as a hicup.

Thorpeland said...

Thanks for the info Therese.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me!!! It was Eric!!! I would have called you Princess, not Nancy!!!